Sekilas Panin Bank

Established in 1971, PaninBank was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1982, the first Indonesian bank to Go Public. Since its inception the management strives to deliver value to all
stakeholders by striking a balance between prudence and progressive growth.

A strong capital base and prudent risk management has allowed us to navigate economic volatility and periods of uncertainty. PaninBank was one of the very few Indonesian banks not recapitalized by the Government after the Monetary Crisis of 1998.

To maintain our competitive position, we adopt a progressive approach to business. Staying close to a growing customer base and chosen market niches helps us understand their ever-changing needs so that timely solutions can be provided to serve them better. PaninBank’s motto “Always for you” emphasizes reliability and consistency. PaninBank’s strong capital structure and growth strategy continued to be reinforced as the Bank focuses toward expanding its commercial and consumer markets.

The business strategy is clearly showing positive results as the Bank gains momentum towards its goal of being a driving force in the Indonesian banking industry.

As of the end of September 2010, PaninBank’s assets amounting to Rp95.9 trillion, total deposits Rp69.3 trillion, credit outstanding Rp54.5 trillion and total networth Rp11.4 trillion, with market capitalization of Rp27.5 trillion PaninBank operates through its 450 branches and ranked as the seventh-largest national bank in term of total assets.

The current shareholders of the Bank are the founding shareholder, Panin Financial with 45%,
Votraint (ANZ Banking Group of Australia) at 39% and the public with 16%.

We forged ahead toward our mission: To transform PaninBank into one of Indonesia’s leading consumer and business banks.

Misi & Strategi


To transform Panin Bank into the one of Indonesia’s leading consumer and business banks.


  • Customers
    Be customer focused, understanding their needs and delivering value chain services.
  • Products
    Develop and distribute leading edge products to support our customer’s business goal.
  • Distribution
    Build multi -channel distribution capabilities to reach customer nation-wide and to support regional economic growth
  • Efficiency
    Re-engineering our service processes to speed up customer’s transaction and deliver on efficient and competitive pricing through technology developments.
  • Staff
    Embrace and enhance corporate culture to fully recognize individual achievements and continue motivating our staff towards better customer service and higher productivity.
  • Shareholders
    Capitalizing on our core business strength and franchise values to achieve superior performance that will bring benefits to stakeholders.
Prestasi & Reputasi
Established as a merger of three banks. Bank Kemakmuran (1956), Bank Industri dan Dagang Indonesia (1956) and Bank Industri Djaya Indonesia (1969).

The First Indonesian bank to go public, listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Ranked as “Top 10” among 243 national commercial banks.

Multidimensional crisis hits Indonesia: political, economic, and social. Panin Bank was one of only few banks certified by international Accounting Firm as “A” category bank and was exempted from being recapitalized by the government.

Panin Bank chosen as “The Best Domestic Bank” by Global Finance Magazine for three consecutive years.

Technical Assistance Agreement signed with strategic partner ANZ Banking Group, Australia which acquired 29% shareholding.

Repositioning Panin Bank s business strategy from traditionally corporate banking, undertakes retail and consumers segments. A change program in corporate culture and new business initiatives.

Rated “The Best Rated Bank in the Indonesian Banking Industry Post Crisis” by Moody s Investor Service-BFSR.

Achieved a leading position in consumer banking products and services supporting Panin Bank s retail business strategy.

Awarded “Best Public Bank” based on EVA Concept (MarkPlus and Swa) and “Best Bank in Forex Transaction Reporting” (Bank Indonesia).

Awarded “Best Public Bank” based on EVA Concept (MarkPlus and Swa), “Best Non-Recap Bank” (Investor) and “The Most Active Participant – Government and Corporate Bonds Trading” (Surabaya Stock Exchange).

Received Elite Quality Recognition Award (JP Morgan Chase) for fund transfer operations; nominated “Best National Bank 2005” (Bisnis Indonesia); “Best Non-Recap Public Bank with Assets Above Rp. 10 trillion” (Investor Magazine); and “Excellence Award for Financial Achievements” (InfoBank).


Received Asiamoney’s “Best Domestic Provider of FX Serices”, The Bank of New York’s “Recognition of Outstanding Payment Formatting and Straight Through Rate”, and “The JP Morgan Quality Recognition Award” and named one of the 4 Best Selling Agent for the ORI II Government Retail Bonds.:

Panin Bank ranked as Indonesia’s 5th largest non-state bank, and 8th largest overall. Total Assets: Rp. 40.5 trillion. Network: 273 offices.

1.       Received the “Most Active Participant in Corporate Bond Transaction in the Bank Category” award by the Surabaya Stock Exchange.
2.       Received three award by Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) and Infobank Magazine:
* Best Performance, Internet Banking – Runner-up
* Best Performance SMS Banking – Runner-up
* Best Performance, Phone Banking in 2005-2006, Ranked No. 9

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